Ocat is an online Catalog marketing Software to perform cost-effective content Marketing for any business, organization, expert, or people.


Using Ocat software anyone can continuously feed their business-related information, or any other content to their Catalog marketing system easily. The System will convert the content like advertisement and publish it to the online Catalog, which will be distributed through organic search engine results, referral networks, social media, and content marketing platforms.


Catalog creation and Distribution using Ocat System

a). Ocat system will help you to optimize the Catalog pages for search engines and the Catalog pages will be distributed through Search engines results.


b). Ocat system will make suitable internal and external  links to Catalog pages for achieving backlinks for SEO


c). Ocat will connect your Catalog with content marketing platforms and the online Catalog will be distributed through Content marketing pages


d). Ocat System creates link-based online advertisements


e). Every published content will be automatically appended in the Online Catalog


f). Catalog pages can be distributed as Facebook posts.


g). An online Catalog can be connected with other Catalogs on mutual understanding to make a referral network.


h). Ocat creates link-based online advertisements which are suitable for Social media posts and comments


Online Catalog with Content Marketing using Ocat

Regularly updating your Catalog with new content/advertisements/promotions won't just garner appreciation and loyalty from your visitors, however, will put you in good standings with the Google search results.


Talk about your Business using the Ocat Catalog Management System to perform online marketing yourself.



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